Family Fun

Over the weekend, we had a lot of family fun. I took a few days off from creating and posting to spend some much needed time with my husband and kiddos. The kids had last Thursday and Friday off school, so it was a nice long weekend with them.

During the weekend, we spent a little time decorating our house for Halloween. We are running a little later than usual with decorating, but it feels good to have it done. Decorating is not my favorite thing to do, but it is always nice when it is done. We don't put up a lot of things just a few fun little things inside the house. We don't put anything outside though. I love seeing houses that have fun festive decorations outside. I wish we did it, but it just seems like so much effort....and we are not really outdoor people.

We went for a family walk around the neighborhood over the weekend. The weather was gorgeous. One of our neighbors really went all out with their decorations. It was so cool and the kids really enjoyed seeing it....except for the clowns. The kids didn't love that part, neither did I if I'm being honest. It was fun to walk around and see how everyone decorates.

My kids loved coloring the pictures from my Halloween coloring pages. The picture above is one of the coloring pages that my oldest son colored. He liked that it had a black border, but he wanted it to be blue instead. I thought that was really cute.

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